Introducing Categories (and more)…

Today the site has been updated with Categories, numerous interface improvements, several feature additions and changes to the Plus plan pricing:

Categories: Until now, Daytum has relied on “counters” to manage and group items and their entries. Every item existed in a single counter, and every display used just one counter as its data source.

Counters have now become “Categories,” and items can be assigned multiple categories. For instance, “Running” may be categorized as “Exercise” as well as “Cardio”, so that it might be displayed in a cumulative “Exercise” display, as well as with other similarly categorized items in a “Cardio” panel.

New Display Options: We have added several new options to the display panels. Timespan allows a display to restrict the time-range of entries shown. Sort provides the option of re-arranging the sort order of a display either alphabetically or by amount. Displays can also be set to display data grouped by category or by item.

Timeline: We have added a new timeline chart display. This bar chart displays 6 weeks of entries by day, and can be navigated by rollover to reveal item or category totals on day-by-day basis.

New Data Views: The data-set pages have been sub-divided into parent pages for all your items and categories, individual pages for every item and category, as well as a feed view of your entries on a day-by-day basis.

Quick Add Field: We have borrowed from the mobile site, and added a global entry field to the top of the display page. This global quick add allows rapid entry of items (in the ITEM : AMOUNT format) without having to locate them in a display or the data view.

Daytum Plus: Premium account pricing has been reduced to $4/month.

We hope you enjoy these additions… Ryan and Nicholas.

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