The next thing: Categories

While Spring has arrived in New York, we’ve been engineering and refining a couple major changes that we hope to have polished in a few more weeks. The most comprehensive and far-reaching change is to the way that data is structured on the site. Currently, each entry relates to one item which resides within a counter. To record an ice cream, I might enter it in my food counter, but if I’m interested in keeping tabs on desserts as well, or in separating my meals, each entry would have to be duplicated in a separate counter.

This straightforward approach has been great, but we realize that it’s not flexible enough… and we would like our API to be able to handle both more detailed and less detailed entries. To accomplish this, we will be migrating all of the current counters into “categories”.

Once we update the site, each existing item will be categorized with the name of its current counter, and all displays will be driven by categories rather than counters. You will then be able to add additional categories to an item so that our hypothetical ICE CREAM might be classified further as FOOD, DESSERT as well as DINNER. Displays will also be able to show single or multiple categories. We hope that this system will allow for finer slicing of your data, and may ultimately require fewer entries.

There are also several interface changes associated with this update which we believe strike a fair balance between sophistication and simplicity. It will also include many feature requests including date filtering of displays, display filtering of counters and tagging (aka, categories). Additionally, this lays the groundwork for the following update – our eagerly anticipated API.

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