Today we are thrilled to introduce the newest means of recording entries on Daytum:

The mobile version of the site has been optimized for use on iPhones and is fully compatible with the Android OS. The DISPLAY view has been resized to fit into a single column with larger controls and the same quick-add functionality you will recognize from the standard site.

Once you have logged into the mobile site, you will be taken to the ADD page, which is where the real utility begins. This page features an entry field with date options, and a list of your most recent entries. Users can simply start typing the name of the item they wish to update, and the form will auto-complete against existing entries. After selecting the correct COUNTER : ITEM, add an amount to record and submit. Your entry will then appear below the field and can be re-entered by clicking on the item in the history, or deleted by clicking the trash next to its name.

For more detailed instructions, please visit the updated How-To page for mobile submissions.

We hope that you enjoy the new site interface, and makes recording  your data even easier!

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