Introducing Daytum Plus

I would first like to thank all of our meticulous and enthusiastic beta testers. Ryan and I are truly grateful for your dedication to using and critiquing and sharing our project over the last six months.

We are very pleased today to announce that Daytum is now open to the public and upgraded with a new account option called Daytum Plus that offers pages, increased data limits and privacy for $5 a month. The video below demonstrates some of these new features.

Members of Daytum Plus will be able to create up to six pages with eight panels each and twenty-four counters. They may also make individual panels private, or hide sets of panels by including them on a private page. Additionally, all the activity for an account may be set to private so that entries do not appear on the home page or the user’s activity page. To upgrade to Daytum Plus, visit the new Account link next to the Settings at the top of your page.

All users can now download their entries as a CSV from the Account page. We have also included date options in the quick add, added new colors to the settings page, and will be making announcements about work for the iPhone and our API in the coming weeks. We really can’t wait to bring more of our ideas and your suggestions to fruition.

Thanks again, Nicholas and Ryan.

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