The End (of Beta) Draws Near

As this weekend comes to an end, we note the completion of six months of beta testing. It’s been a remarkable few months, filled with extraordinary interest in our concept and enthusiasm from our users. Ryan and I are now more dedicated than ever to bringing your suggestions and our ideas to the site. Since the beginning of the year we have laid the groundwork for ending the beta period and hope to have it open to the public shortly.

With the public launch, we will be introducing “Daytum Plus”, a premium account option that will include two highly requested features immediately, and more in the coming months. It is our hope that enough users will be interested in this subscription plan to cover our growing expenses and to allow us to improve the site at an improved pace.

For $5 a month, Daytum Plus subscribers will gain the following functionality:

1. More Data and Displays: The ability to create up to sixteen counters (instead of the current limit of six), and organize their displays among as many as six pages with up to eight displays per page.

2. Privacy Options: The ability to choose privacy settings at three different levels of their account. A page may be set as private to hide all displays on the page from public view or a single panel may be set as private to hide it from public view within a public page, and a dataset may be set to private to hide its entries and activity from public view.

All of our users will also share the benefits of a dedicated mobile site, an iPhone application as well as geo-tagging of entries and maps in the coming months.

We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments or via email:

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