Unseen Improvements

We made a few major changes to the site today that we hope will go unnoticed. In preparation for adding more users to the site, we’ve tackled some large server improvements that will give us the headroom to provide more accounts, additional features and offer increased recording and displaying quotas.

In addition, today’s deploy contains fixes for a few ongoing issues:

1. Mislabeling of Graphs: A problem that sometimes caused stacked line graphs to be mis-labeled and spark bars to be positioned incorrectly has been addressed.

2. Decimal Displays of Integers: The “.0” or “POINT ZERO” that has been following whole numbers in displays has been eliminated.

3. Average Day Calculation: The means by which average daily entries are calculated has been adjusted to be determined based on whole days, rather than simply the time elapsed between the present and the first entry. This adjustment will eliminate unexpectedly large results in the first day of calculations.

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