Farewell 2008

In the spirit of the new year and annual reporting, we have some last minute announcements to make before entering 2009!

First and foremost, we wanted to make sure that everyone who wished to track the new year received an invitation before the end of 2008. As of today, everyone who requested an account has been sent an invitation, so if you did not get yours, it may be trapped in the ether or caught in a spam box… let us know if you’ve been eagerly awaiting an invite and it never arrived.

We’ve also added a few new displays and a new display option:

1. Item with Last Entry: A straightforward display that will simply return the name of the item with the most recent entry. If you recorded 1 pizza for lunch, the display will display “pizza”, if you record the titles of movies you watch, it will show the last title viewed.

2. Entry: Latest / Largest / Smallest: These displays will return various entry amounts. You may choose to display the most recent entry amount, the largest or the smallest. We can think of numerous uses for these displays and know that you will too.

3. Toggle Item List Visibility: A new option is now available for all the displays that list all entries and their amounts after the total or average or other quantity. You can now decide whether to turn this list on or off.

Have a very happy new year, and we look forward to fulfilling many more of your requests in 2009!

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