Remainders, RSS and more…

With the year rapidly coming to a close, we found time to make a few additional changes to Daytum. We hope you’ll enjoy the new features and look forward to providing a lot more functionality in the coming months. As always, there’s an amazing amount of work to be done, but your comments are increasingly helpful in determining our priorities.

1. Overflow: Our users with the largest data sets will notice a change in their displays today (notably: Elise, WhistlingInTheDark and LJS). For a number of reasons, any display with more than 21 items will group the remaining items into an item called MORE ITEMS. Clicking on MORE ITEMS will reveal all the grouped entries, but this will fix a few instances of charts breaking, improve page loads and provides some new insights in the affected data sets.

2. RSS Feeds: We have provided RSS 2.0 feeds for all activity pages. This makes available a global site feed, feeds for users, and specific user data sets. There is a link to the global RSS feed on the site activity page found by clicking the “More Activity…” link on the homepage. To access any user’s RSS feed, click the “# Entries” link under their user name to visit the activity page, where you can find feeds for all activity, as well as set-specific feeds, by selecting the data set of interest.

3. Login Change: A new option has been added to the settings page that allows users to change their login to any unassigned name. Any change will affect your login as well as the name of your page and its URL.

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