December Improvements

Today we released several new improvements to the site, including the addition of displays for averages and rudimentary time, an expanded activity viewer for the site and individual users, as well as expanded how-to documentation. Here are the details:

1. Average Displays: It is now possible to calculate and display three separate types of averages from a data set; average item total, average entry amount and the average total per day. Initially, we assumed that we would simply need an average display, but in development it became quickly apparent that each of these averaging methods would be necessary.

For example, if I choose to record my commute times with two items: “Home to Work Time” and “Work to Home Time”, Average Total will total both items and divide by the number of items, while Average Entry will total all of the entries and divide by the number of entries and Average Day will total both items and divide by the number of days that have elapsed between the first entry and the current date. Each of these will return a different average in a data set with even marginal complexities, and any one of them could be the average that interests you most.

2. Time Displays: The two new time views will present either the Time Since Last Entry or the Average Time Between Entries in the specified counter. In addition, you can choose to display the results in Summarized Time, which will return the time span in a conversational manner, such as “About a Minute” or “About 19 Hours” with the precise time listed small and below. Precise Time will return the time span in the largest three measurements that apply. If the timespan is 1 month, 17 days, 0 hours, 5 minutes the display will read “1 month 17 days 5 minutes”.

Time Since Last Entry can also be used to countdown or count to a specific date. If I enter my birthday as the last entry in a counter, it will keep track of my age. If I enter the forthcoming midnight on new year’s eve, the display will count down to the end of the year.

3. Activity: A new “More Activity…” link on the home screen in the “Recent Activity” column will show an expanded view of activity on the site, including recent users and recent entries. On a user’s page, their location is now followed by an entry count that links to a display of all recent activity sortable by data set. This also lays the groundwork for RSS feeds which we hope to make available soon.

4. Expanded Documentation: Our How-To section has now been separated into a chaptered format. We have also added a page dedicated to explaining what each of the display types does, and have added several “More Info…” links throughout the site to help clarify complicated features.

As always, we hope you enjoy the new features, and look forward to your ongoing feedback and support.

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