Mobile Submissions

Today we activated a method for submitting entries to your Daytum page from a mobile device. Using Twitter direct messages and the syntax described below, you are now able to add entries, items and even create new data sets without the use of a web browser.

When you log into your page, a new preference has been added to your settings which will allow you to enter Twitter credentials. When you have done this, the Daytum Twitter account will begin following you and you will automatically begin following Daytum. This will allow you and Daytum to directly message each other.

Once you have updated your settings, you can begin sending data to your page via the Twitter site, a third party client or text message* using the following syntax:

d daytum dataset : item : amount

d daytum will send a direct message to Daytum that won’t appear in your Twitter feed.

dataset is the name of the dataset you wish to add to. If the dataset does not exist, a new one will be created (provided you have not reached the limit).

item is the name of the item you wish to add to. If the item does not exist, a new one will be created.

amount is the quantity you would like to add. It will be timestamped with the time it arrives. If you leave off the amount, a quantity of 1 will automatically be added.

When your entry has been successfully added to your page, you will receive a confirmation direct message from Daytum (this can take a few minutes).

Additionally, the following commands are also available:

d daytum list will remotely retrieve a list of your datasets.

d daytum help will return the correct syntax for submissions.

If you experience any problems, or are unclear about how it works, we would love to hear your feedback. If it works well, we’d love to hear that too!

And many thanks to Mike Harding who designed our lovely Twitter and iPhone icons.

*To activate text-message submissions to Twitter, please visit SMS submissions occassionally get backed up, and if possible we suggest using a client (like twitteriffic for the iPhone).

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