Beta Version 2

This weekend we deployed a broad update to the Daytum beta. Registered users will notice an array of changes to the way in which their data is structured and updated. We encourage you to watch the short screencast below to familiarize yourself with some of the new features, and read on for a more detailed description of what has changed.

1. Independent Data Sets: The most noticeable change is the new menu item “Edit your Data-Sets”. We have detached your data from a single display. This will allow you to use a single data-set to drive a pie-chart as well as a total, or any number of displays. Displays can now be deleted without removing the data, and can be switched from one data-set to another with a few clicks. The data-set page also provides more room for your history, and allows us to display extra information in a more comfortable manner. 

2. Quick Add: On your display page, we have created a new mechanism for easily adding new items or amounts to your page. Click “Add an Item” in any display to insert a new item, or click the item total to bring up a field to add a new entry at the current time. The +/- symbol after your total and the “Add an Item” link will only be visible on your page when you are logged in.

3. Horizontal Bar Chart Display: This is the new default display style. The horizontal bar chart displays a list of all of your items, the current total and a solid bar to show its relative value. As it does not evaluate any time entries, we think this is a really good starting point for most data, and will be a great way to rate anything, like how much you enjoyed the movies you saw this year.

4. Internet Explorer Compatibility: While it was plenty annoying, we took the extra effort to get the site running smoothly in IE 6 & 7 for this update.

Enjoy the additions, and as always, if you find problems or are encountering an issue, please submit them to our issue page or email

Cheers, Nicholas.

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