What’s Next?

We’ve been truly impressed by the enthusiastic response to Daytum over the past few weeks, and have been working hard to answer your questions and add functionality to the site as quickly as possible… Here is a look at several new features that will be appearing in the coming weeks:

New Display Options: A recurring question from our beta community has focussed on the best way to input data, and we suggest that you try to keep your entries as unadulterated as possible. If you’re only counting a single item, we understand the temptation to split the item into monthly or daily items (rather than entering a quantity each day for the item). We are developing a day-to-day display and several other options that will give you more flexibility to display a single item without manually chopping it into sub-units.

Mobile Entry: Just like you, we want to be able to send items and amounts to our Daytum page without having to fire up a web browser, and I think we’ve developed a really robust and lightweight way to do it that will be appearing in your settings in the not-to-distant future.

Multiple Data Set Displays: We have been wanting a way to drive more than one display from a single set of data. The good news is that we’re rebuilding the site to include this feature and improving the data entry… the catch is that until we’re finished with this, the other features will have to wait to make their debut. 

Thanks for your understanding while we work to improve the site, this is definitely just the start of what we have planned for Daytum over the coming months.

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